Furniture and appliance bonuses: maximum spending threshold is lower

With the super bonus not being extended for next year, there are few ways to get a cut for those who decide to renew. One of them is the contribution to the purchase of furniture and household appliances, the threshold of which will be much lower in 2024: it will increase from 8 thousand euros to 5 thousand euros. You have the right until the end of December to receive valid discounts on white goods and home furniture purchases. The furniture bonus will end at the end of 2024, which is the year the aid will end.

You can benefit from an Irpef discount of 50% (up to a maximum of 8 thousand euros for 2023 and 5 thousand euros for 2024) on the purchase of furniture and large household appliances for the furnishing of a property subject to building heritage recovery interventions. The situation is essential and does not depend on the amount of expenses incurred. The deduction will then be divided among those who qualify into ten annual installments of the same amount. The bonus is allowed for those who also support the cost of renovation of the property, those who choose to transfer the credit or the discount on the invoice, provided that it is stipulated by the company, even if the property is purchased with installment financing. The person providing this pays the same fee.

What furniture can you buy at a discount? Beds, armoires, dressers, bookcases, desks, desks, chairs, bedside tables, sofas, armchairs, dressers, as well as mattresses and light fixtures are permitted. However, the purchase of doors, flooring (such as parquet), curtains and curtains is not allowed. The 50% Irpef discount also allows the purchase of large new appliances with energy class not lower than A for ovens; to class E for washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers; for refrigerators and freezers to class F; For equipment where an energy label is required.

The deduction in question may be applied if payments are made via bank transfer or debit or credit card. In bank transfers, those subject to withholding tax from banks and Poste SpA do not need to be used for building renovation expenses. As mentioned, installment loans are also accepted, provided that the providing company pays the fee for the same and the taxpayer has a copy. Payments made by bank check, cash or other payment methods are not accepted.

Proof of payment (e.g. bank transfer receipt, transaction receipt, proof of debit on the current account for payments made by credit or debit card); invoices for the purchase of goods, invoices reporting the nature, quality and quantity of goods and services purchased and, finally, the receipt indicating the buyer’s tax code, indicating the purchased goods.

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Source: Today IT