Salary raises are coming to government employees, but one category trumps them all: numbers

Salary increases are coming to public employees. The Meloni government’s 2024 budget allocated funds for the expected renewals of state contracts. The benefits of this will be seen in 2023, perhaps in December, as Minister of Public Administration Paolo Zangrillo explained: “In order to offload the costs to 2023 and not to burden 2024, which will be a complicated year, we have to wait until December, perhaps before the 13th.” “This is an advance of 2 billion. This is an advance that concerns the State and, if there is a resource, it also concerns local governments,” he added. But let’s see what numbers we are talking about.

Paychecks are up 6 percent, but one category will outperform others

Various categories of the public sector are awaiting renewal of contracts as inflation erodes Italians’ purchasing power. The contract round for renewals for 2022-2024, which will start in January, will have amounts far from covering the “IPCA”, that is, the Consumer Price Index, which measures the loss in the purchasing power of wages. But I told the unions that if we could cover the IPCA, it would have to make a 31 billion maneuver we were going to stay,” Zangrillo said.

“Dreams are one thing, reality is another,” the PA minister added, and hoped we could move forward “as quickly as possible” – with the minister admitting: “I don’t have a glass ball but we must strive to be virtuous in the negotiation process”

“There will be an average increase in the paycheck, which will be 170 euros for everyone, that is +6%. Doctors will definitely have more,” Zangrillo said. “Following the approval of the budget law, we are preparing to start negotiations in January, taking into account security, defence, health and local authorities,” the minister added, explaining that he wanted to generally reverse the chronology of the negotiations in Aran. Start with the government sector. “This time, we start from local governments, not from the state,” he underlined.

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Source: Today IT