Mexican stock market falls to worst level since January; The Mexican peso continues to lose

Mexican Stock Exchange continued to record losses on Wednesday, hitting their lowest prices in nine months, in a week when markets were weighed down by uncertainty caused conflict between Israel and Hamas.

They continue geopolitical tensions and diplomatic efforts in Middle Eastthat leave the heavy corporate reporting agenda in the background.

Given the uncertainty caused by the conflict, “the most affected, along with interest rates, are stock markets“, said analysts from the Metaanalysis company.

He leading S&P/BMV IPC indexwhich groups the most traded shares in the domestic market, fell 0.72% to 48,920.08 points, its lowest level in nine months since early January this year.

Conglomerate titles Karso Groupowned by tycoon Carlos Slim, led the decline from P2.45 to P127.15.

He The Mexican peso continued to record losses on Thursday, as investors sought refuge in safe haven assets with an eye on developing conflict in the Middle East.

In addition, markets will closely monitor member interventions throughout the day. Federal Reserve The American, particularly its President Jerome Powell, gave a speech in New York looking for clues about the future of interest rates.

The national currency was quoted at 18.29 per dollar.with a decrease of 0.29% compared to the base price Reuters on Wednesday, accumulating losses of more than 1.2% for the week.

“He the dollar is running at a loss“As investors favor safe-haven assets amid intensifying diplomatic efforts to contain conflict in the Middle East,” analysts at Banorte said, adding that emerging markets are performing with mixed returns.


Source: Aristegui Noticias