Prime Minister Rutte warns: assume tax increases

The four government parties are currently discussing the budget. The spring memorandum, which will remove the House of Representatives from the cabinet before June, provides an up-to-date state of affairs regarding the current budget, calamities and setbacks.

taxes increased

The company faces a billion-dollar setback due to surprisingly high costs. Compensation for those who pay too much tax on savings already amounts to billions of euros. More money should go to Defense. Refugees from Ukraine are difficult to accept. So there is a series of contingencies of more than ten billion euros.

“It is a complex puzzle”, Rutte repeated.

How will we feel about that?

The coalition is trying to close this budget deficit. While the prime minister is not ready to provide details on the outcome of the budget talks, he says he “does not want to give the impression that nothing is being done about spending”. In any case, taxes will go up. He did not specify which groups it would apply to and what the costs would be. The question remains what the exact implications are for citizens, says Rutte. “We are going to look at the gap between citizens and businesses.”

Source: RTL