The Tax and Customs Administration has just been informed by 145 victims of the payment law case –

The 145 victims of the health care benefit case have officially filed a report with the Tax Authorities because, according to them, the establishment of the compensation system is proceeding too slowly. Of the 53,000 parents who signed up for the service, 5,600 have not yet passed the initial evaluation. This is stated in the tenth annual report of the Ministry of Finance.

The fine amounts to several dozen per day and can be up to a maximum of 1442 euros. Parents must first formally report this to the Tax and Customs Administration’s Implementing Agency for Benefits Inquiry (UHT) by means of a standard form.

For a long time, the Ministry of Finance assumed that fines were not required by law. When the ministry preferred the “most favorable interpretation” of the law, it was decided to reconsider its decision.

EUR 300,000 has been set aside for this. If full compensation were awarded in all 145 cases, that would mean that more than €200,000 had to be paid.

Source: NOS