What is it about Amazon drone deliveries?

The package will be delivered to your home in less than an hour after ordering, but once fully operational it will take 30 minutes or less using the drone. The new ambitious project of e-commerce giant Amazon. David Carbon, vice president of Prime Air, announced at Amazon’s “Delivering the Future” event in Seattle that “we will begin deliveries in Italy and the UK with the new Mk30 drone by the end of 2024.” Carbon added that Amazon’s goal is to “deliver 500 million products to the world by drone, safer than going to the store and buying them, by the end of the decade.”

The launch of the program concerns customers with specific requirements, as well as packages weighing up to approximately 2.26 kg, from basic necessities to high-tech products. “When we launched the Amazon Prime delivery program, it was revolutionary. Getting packages where they needed in just a few days was both exciting and new. Since then, we have developed new technologies and invested in our logistics network,” said Lorenzo Barbo, CEO of Amazon Italia logistics. He commented and explained that he was working with the competent authorities for deliveries via drone.

The long-term outlook is for densely populated suburban areas and 30-minute delivery times, not city centers. Amazon will map the area and customers will be able to see if their area is covered. Initially, delivery by drone in Italy will be free and only possible in villas with gardens, but the technology already allows to reach apartments as well.

The Prime Air program has been active in California and Texas since December 2022, with deliveries within 60 minutes and to homes located less than 6 kilometers from the logistics site. In the last few hours, it was announced that the deliveries will also include another state of the USA, apartments and pharmaceutical products. The new drone MK30, which will be used in Italy, allows you to double its movement range to 12 kilometers and operates safely and autonomously using “advanced sense-and-avoid technology at the forefront of the industry that helps drones fly.” Amazon detects and avoids obstacles, allowing people to “It ensures the safety of animals and property,” he explains. It is designed to cope with unexpected situations and make safe decisions, is quieter than previous models and has the ability to fly even in light rain and adverse weather conditions. Amazon’s drones are hybrids and are called “Vtol” It uses a system that takes off and lands vertically, then takes off in horizontal flight, providing greater maneuverability.

“Italy’s experience in delivering goods with drones will be inspiration and support for safe operations in the rest of Europe,” said Pierluigi From Palma, president of Enac (the national civil aviation body). He then underlined that he was “working, in coordination with government authorities, to promote a regulatory and technical scenario for the launch of aviation flights, on the basis of an unprecedented cooperation protocol involving Amazon as well as the European aviation safety agency EASA.” operations”. Enav Group CEO Pasqualino Monti added: “Aware of our role not only as a service provider, but also as a true strategic partner in industrial logic, we are ready and support projects like Amazon’s.” He noted that “the Italian company Enav has been looking for some time not only at air traffic control, but at airspace management, understood as the existing infrastructure for the economic growth of the country.”

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Source: Today IT