“It’s better to forget it.” In “Wyborcza” a discussion about Tusk’s withdrawal from another promise

“Gazeta Wyborcza” advises Donald Tusk not to keep his promise to introduce a 0% loan. The former prime minister submitted it earlier this year.

An apartment is a right, not a commodity. This is the slogan announced by the head of the PO in Pabianice in February. Donald Tusk spoke about specific solutions: 0% credit. and a rental price of PLN 600.

– We will propose a policy that actually makes housing a right, not a commodity. Some people say this is a left-wing slogan; no, it has nothing to do with any ideology. This is decency – people have the right to housing – Donald Tusk emphasized.

– We are introducing a “Zero Percent Loan” for people under 45 years old who want to buy their first apartment! then the apartment will not cost more than 4,000 PLN per month, but about 1,700 PLN and it will be a return of the capital – the former Prime Minister announced.

“It’s Better to Forget”

After the parliamentary elections that took place on October 15, the Civic Coalition, together with Third Way and the Left, is preparing to take power in Poland. That is why questions arise in the public space about the implementation of PO’s election promises. However, “Gazeta Wyborcza” advises Tusk to apply for a 0% loan. “better forgotten.”

– It is better for the future government to forget about the 0% loan. We can already see how dangerous the effects of the 2% Safe Credit have proven to be for the housing market. While it helped some young people realize their dream of home ownership, it also mobilized those who would not benefit but had money. And they buy en masse for fear of a decrease in supply and an even greater increase in prices – says Marek Wielgo, an expert from the website rybprimotny.pl, in an interview with “GW”.

PO will back away from its promises

A politician from the Civic Coalition, Izabela Leszczyna, caused a lot of controversy with her recent contribution about a huge budget gap that will jeopardize the opposition’s election promises.

Ryszard Petru, former head of Nowoczesna, who was on the Third Way List in the last elections, also writes about the hole in the state budget. “PiS is leaving public finances in such a bad state that there may be no money left in the budget at the end of the year. An amendment to the budget will be necessary,” the economist wrote.

Source: Do Rzeczy