Would Frisby open chains in other countries? know the details

Since its inception in 1977 Frisby is positioned as the chicken necklace most recognized in the country and continues to look for growth, which is why it is moving towards something new projects in other countries.

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Exactly, Liliana Restrepo, president of Frisby revealed to the newspaper La República that they would consider entering the markets of other countries.

These same media reported that this food company sells more than McDonald’s on Rappi and chicken more often than pork, fish and beef, which is why it is likely that poultry will leave by 2024 Colombiadepending on the entity.

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“Last September 15, we had a meeting and we looked at what we want for the next 5 years. We have 58 municipal seats, 270 restaurants and at the end of this year we are preparing 14 new branches. “We are exploring new markets,” the president explains Frisby.

One of the countries that the entity would have considered is Panama, Costa Rica and the United States, the official said.

“I want to wait a little longer before adjusting the structure to accommodate this new growth. You must have clear options not to burst by always wanting to open up,” Restrepo concluded.

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Source: El heraldo