“It gives you a chance.” Buda: The government has adopted a project to extend credit holidays

On Tuesday, the government adopted a project to extend the validity of “credit holidays”.

– The Council of Ministers has adopted a project that gives an opportunity to continue the borrowing holidays in 2024. We offer a solution for borrowers that gives them 4 months without loan terms next year. I call on the next Parliament to efficiently pursue this project so that borrowers can benefit from borrowing holidays in January 2024, said Waldemar Buda, Minister of Technology and Development.

Earlier, in September, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced the extension of borrowing holidays for the entire next year. – I ordered the development of income criteria that would be fair – said the head of government in an interview with Polsat News. – We do not want those who are wealthier and richer to benefit from this. Those who can afford to pay back should pay back, he added.

What will the PO do?

The Civic Platform avoids clear statements about what it will do with the PiS project after it takes power. – PiS’s time is running out. They lose their majority. Since this project was so important to them, they could have introduced it while they were still in power. Now the decision on credit holidays will be the decision of the new government – said KO MP Izabela Leszczyna in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

– I think we should look at the inflation figures in November and December. If it falls, the WIBOR forecast will probably also be lower. And then the terms will decrease and it may turn out that credit holidays are not necessary – adds the MP.

Leszczyna said borrowers are happy with the borrowing holidays, but people who don’t have loans are paying more in stores because of high inflation. – And the borrowers who earn money on installments will start spending the money in the store, which also affects inflation – he adds.

Moreover, according to her, the issue of credit exemptions is not crucial, and the Polish state faces greater challenges.

Source: Do Rzeczy