Pension revaluation: Here’s who will get more money than expected (and who will be mocked)

Revaluation of pensions, that is, adjusting the amounts according to the cost of living, will be more advantageous for retirees who have social security checks at 4 to 5 times the minimum, while the highest pensions will be penalized. This is what is envisaged in the new draft of the maneuver, which also determines the boundaries of the future Quota 104 and contains important indicators about the Social Monkey and the women’s option. However, let’s proceed in order, starting from the percentages at which pensions will be revalued starting next January.

Pension revaluation, what will change in 2024?

According to the mechanism in force today, pensions were revalued with these percentages in the current year.

  • 100% equal to or less than 4 times the minimum pension;
  • 85%, four to five times the minimum;
  • 53%, 5 to 6 times the minimum;
  • 47%, between 6 and 8 times the minimum;
  • 37%, between 8 and 10 times the minimum;
  • 32%, pensions exceed 10 times the minimum.

Two new features will arrive in 2024, at least according to the latest draft of the maneuver. Pensions between 4 and 5 times the minimum (i.e. amounts between 2,255 euros and 2,819 euros) will be revalued by 90% (and not exceeding 85%), while payments exceeding 10 times the minimum (i.e., higher than 5,637 euros) will be indexed by 90% (and not more than 85%). It will drop from 32 to 22%.

Therefore, those with a pension of up to 4 times the minimum will have a full increase of 100 percent, as last year. This means, for example, that if the estimated inflation rate for 2024 is 5%, the pension will increase by the same rate. For those in the range of 4 to 5 times the minimum, the actual increase will be 4.5% (i.e. 90% of 5%). The 5% estimate is of course just an illustrative percentage. In any case, the differences compared to last year will not be so noticeable. The most prominent of these relates to top pensions exceeding 10 times the minimum, which will be subject to a clear penalty.

Quota 104 coming soon (with fines and longer periods)

Quota 104, which will replace Quota 103 in the draft maneuver, was approved. The mechanism is simple: Anyone who is at least 63 years old and has 41 years of contributions will be able to quit. However, a penalty will be imposed based on the amount attached to the retirement contribution. Those who qualify for quota 104 and choose not to quit their jobs will instead benefit from the ‘Maroni bonus’, which has been re-approved for 2024, and the social security contribution to be paid by the worker. on your paycheck. Exit windows will also be extended: from three months to six months for the private sector and from six months to nine months for public employees. In other words, the time between the moment you meet the requirements and the time you retire will be longer.

What happens to the Social Monkey and the Woman Option?

Regarding the Social Monkey, that is, the pension slide for certain categories of workers aged at least 63 years, the draft states that the provisions “will be valid until December 31, 2024.” In other words, the measure is renewed for another year. There is news that women who can retire at the age of 61 by paying premiums at the age of 35, or who have one child at the age of 60 and more children at the age of 59, will be given a kind of social APE. Essentially, the mechanism is similar to the Women’s Option, but the exit age for those who no longer have children increases from 60 to 61.

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Source: Today IT