EC data on the Polish VAT gap. “2021 will see unprecedented improvement”

The European Commission has provided data on the VAT gap in Poland in 2021. There are reasons to be happy.

The VAT gap, ie the difference between expected and actually obtained VAT revenue, was 3.3% in Poland. potential revenues (1,694 million euros) in 2021 – according to the European Commission.

“In nominal terms, the total VAT gap in the EU has decreased by around €38 billion, from €99 billion in 2020 to €61 billion in 2021. which represents an unprecedented improvement compared to previous years. A number of Member States, such as Italy (-10.7 percentage points) and Poland (-7.8 percentage points), recorded particularly significant decreases in their national VAT gap.

Adopted in April this year. by the Council of Ministers The Convergence Program Update (APK) predicts that the value added tax (VAT) tax gap has narrowed by 6.1 percentage points. to approximately 4.3 percent potential revenue in 2021. According to the Ministry of Finance’s estimates from April this year, the VAT gap in 2019 was 11.2%. potential income, in 2020 – 9.3%, in 2021 – 3.1%. and in 2022 – 4.9 percent

Hole in the budget? Prime Minister: The budget situation is very good

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki denies opposition speculation about an alleged budget gap. He emphasizes that Poland’s financial situation is very good. – Some politicians have already started to push a story about a supposedly huge budget gap, when in fact the budget situation today is very good – says the head of government in the new episode of his podcast. Previously, the information spread by the opposition was denied by Finance Minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska.

According to the Prime Minister, such votes by the opposition parties could be the beginning of a “major retreat from their election promises”. – The same ones that Poles remember from 2007 and subsequent years. Then Mr. Tusk (Head of the PO Donald Tusk – PAP) also promised that he would not increase the pensions of many people, and he did so. He also promised that taxes would be reduced to 15%. and VAT, PIT and VAT. He didn’t do anything like that, Mateusz Morawiecki remembers.

Source: Do Rzeczy