They will cancel the carriers’ strike after a new tariff agreement is reached

They will cancel the carriers’ strike after a new tariff agreement is reached

Fetra, who has been protesting since last Monday, has settled it after a 20% increase.

Dozens of trucks stopped in Entre Rios, Victoria, yesterday in protest of Fetra
Dozens of trucks stopped in Entre Rios, Victoria, yesterday in protest of Fetra

After a four-day strike that halted crop transfers and exports, the Argentine Transport Federation (FETRA) Decided to lift the force tonight after agreeing to a 20% renewal of the freight service tariff.

The decision became known after a virtual meeting held by the carrier government, from other chambers of the sector, with those who rent their services, for example, to agricultural entities. And it was Transport Minister Alexis Guerrero who ended up supporting the new rate solution.

Fetra, which condemned the increase in diesel, which brought it to $ 150/160 pesos per liter, demanded a reallocation of tariffs agreed in February last year, fuel at that time $ 107. To do so, it sought a rate increase of more than 30% to $ 3,432.45 per tonne transported.

In this context, official sources indicated that the agreement Includes an 11% increase in the reporting rate until March. In the meantime as far as Until April, Collectors, Sociedad Rural Argentina (SRA) and Confederaciones Rurales Argentinas (CRA) offered 5% on the account, while Fetra, Catac, Fadeeac, Faetyl and Coninagro 9%. Thus, he was settled Overall growth 20%.

As mentioned, the protest paralyzed the transportation of the crop to the port area. The same exporters said shipments of about $ 1,000 million were affected. In addition to stopping activities, there was a focus on routes in different regions of the country.

There was another meeting yesterday and any possibility of mutual understanding was thwarted. Following this situation and before today ‘s meeting, the Federation of Grain Collectors issued a statement stating that at the previous meeting “it had a conciliatory position to resolve the grain transportation conflict”.

It seems unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Conflict. “Two subjects were Catac – 10% growth -, Fadeeac – 12% – and Faetyl accompanied the previous proposals,” said Acopiadores.

“But, without examining any costs, Fetra maintained an uncompromising position and demanded a 35% rate hike, thus violating the agreement reached by the majority,” he said. Finally an agreement was reached today.


The situation, in addition to bothering exporters grouped in Ciara-CEC, was followed by statements from other entities.

“Peanuts do not know about waiting. As soon as they are uprooted, they should be picked and loaded immediately to get to a processing plant, where they are dried industrially,” said the Peanut Chamber of Argentina.

“This threatens 200 jobs per plant (approximately 4,000) and affects the economies of at least 20 municipalities, which depend on our product in the center of Cდrdoba and south of the country’s main cluster,” he said.

“Given the proximity of the bean crop, which is an important source of currency for the country, we urge the national government and the governments of the provinces involved to make every effort to achieve a speedy normalization of fuel supply and a general agreement. “Trains to avoid greater evil,” said the producers of legumes grouped in Claire.


Source: La Nacion