04:08 European Commission proposes alternatives to Russian gas –

04:08 European Commission proposes alternatives to Russian gas –

European Commissioner Frans Timmermans said that the European Commission (EC) will present its plan on Tuesday to become less dependent on Russian gas. NAME† For example, the EU wants to build offshore wind turbines faster and invest in biogas.

“We still have to make a decision. But in general you have to think of accelerated construction of offshore wind farms. This produces a lot of extra power. And in Europe we still have many roofs that can open solar panels. This also needs to be accelerated. we are investing heavily in biogas, and we will also need fuels that are comparable to fossil fuels without fossil fuels,” said Timmermans in the report. NAMEI

The European Commissioner says he is aware that this will take years and that Europe will remain dependent on Russian gas. “It is therefore important that we now quickly replenish our short-term stocks and use other suppliers where possible. But for now it is clear that we will also be getting energy from Russia – unless they or we turn off the tap. †

Timmermans said the EC will also make a proposal to help households deal with their huge energy bills. “We are currently working on that, so I can’t say much about it yet. But I think we have a shared responsibility to help people in these difficult times. I hope we can put our heads together too. We can make agreements about that.” At European level. We achieved this during the corona pandemic, why shouldn’t we be able to do that here? We should be able to do that!”

Therefore, it must be invested in defense. “One cannot exist without the other. We definitely need to strengthen our defenses. But if the attacker can paralyze you by turning off the throttle, you’re not going to get anywhere.”

Source: NU