Minhacienda confirms that the petrol price will be adjusted in November

The head of the portfolio tax authorities He also revealed that three increases are still missing to achieve equality at the international level.

“The petrol Three adjustments are still needed, and they will be implemented. The only thing still pending is that the Ministry of Transport “Remove the compensation decision for taxi drivers and make it public, but that has nothing to do with the adjustment of gasoline,” the Minister of Finance clarified in response to the statements of the Minister of Mines and Energy, Andres Camachowho assured that the price of this fuel will not increase if there is no agreement with the taxi drivers.

“I think it was a misinterpretation, the Minister of Mines know, what is now pending is the decree of a compensation from the Ministry of Transport, but gasoline will increase,” Bonilla said.

In that sense, Bonilla emphasized that he is not going to wait for more taxi drivers register to receive compensation and that the decree will be issued with those who are registered, which are about 45 thousand.

“The compensation will be paid to registered taxi drivers, and we are not going to wait any longer,” Bonilla said.

Source: El heraldo