Ukraine has a plan to create a ‘green corridor’

Ukraine is trying to create a ‘green corridor’ that will facilitate the export of agricultural products.

The Ministry of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine has started negotiations with Moldova and Romania on the creation of a “green corridor” between the checkpoints of Reni (Ukraine), Giurgiuleşti (Moldova) and Galați (Romania) to facilitate the export of Ukrainian agricultural products. The launch of this route was an important topic of negotiations with the participation of deputy ministers of individual countries.

The proposal to introduce a ‘green corridor’ includes a number of measures for all three countries. “First of all, it concerns joint inspections between Ukraine and Moldova and coordinated inspections between Moldova and Romania. Thanks to this solution we will be able to reduce the number of truck stops and thus speed up the inspection process. This solution will allow us to address the issue of comprehensive infrastructure development on the Ukrainian-Ukrainian border. -Moldovan-Romanian,” said the Ukrainian side.

A lot of work

To create a corridor, you need to take a number of other steps. This includes: Reni checkpoint expansion. This will allow representatives of the Moldovan control authorities to carry out all necessary procedures.

The plan to launch the “green corridor” also includes the reconstruction of the Reni – Galați road and its expansion from 2 to 4 lanes, as well as additional technical equipment at checkpoints. Currently, about 50 trucks pass through the Reni – Giurgiuleşti checkpoint every day. However, it is one of the main intersections leading to Romanian ports.

On August 24, the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian parliament) ratified changes to the agreement between Ukraine and Moldova on rail transport. The adopted changes will allow transit traffic on the route Etulia (Moldova) – Reni (Ukraine) – Giurgiuleşti (Moldova), without a three-day stop in Reni.

Source: Do Rzeczy