“This cannot be financed.” What will the opposition do now?

The chairman of the Polish Development Foundation points out that there is no money in the state budget to fulfill the promises of opposition politicians.

After the October 15 parliamentary elections, Polish media were full of statements from opposition members criticizing the state of public finances. According to Izabela Leszczyna of the Civic Coalition and other politicians, the state budget may have problems financing the social benefits introduced by the United Right. At the same time, opposition politicians are assuring that all their election promises will be fulfilled.

Problems with the opposition?

What is the cost of introducing benefits, reliefs and other solutions proposed by Donald Tusk and other opposition politicians? According to Paweł Borys, chairman of the Polish Development Foundation, the amount is PLN 100 billion. There is “not much room” in the budget to implement politicians’ announcements.

– In my opinion, there is not enough money for 100 billion, that is, for all the expenditure that is currently promised. This would mean that the deficit grows to a quite dangerous level, so some choices will have to be made – he said on RMF FM.

– This cannot be financed, hence the narrative that public finances are very bad (…) our public finances are at 4+ – he added.

Borys argued that rating agencies assess the state of Poland’s public finances as good. He emphasized that over the past six years they have raised the assessment of the credibility of Poland’s public finances to the A- level, or, as the head of the PFR put it, “four plus”.

– Moreover, they have a stable perspective […]. In other words, the patient is healthy, of course he is tired, he could eat better and work on his fitness a bit, but according to these assessments, the state of public finances is absolutely good, he concluded.

Source: Do Rzeczy