Are you planning to market? Fruit and vegetables have fallen in price in Barranquilla

“The onion in a 32-kilogram package went from a price of $66,000 in the third week of October to a value of $54,000 today. The 24-kilogram box of tomatoes used to cost $105,000, now people can find it for $92,000. You can buy a kilo get lettuce for €1,800, previously it was €2,000,” he explains. Leonardo MulfordCommercial Manager of Granabastos in dialogue with THE HERALD.

The leader confirmed that the Soledad Supply Center presented a normal supply of tubers and bananas, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, dairy products, processed products and grains in its operations during the week.

In accordance with Orlando JimenezPresident of Undecofruit, vegetables And legumes There are several basic products in the family basket whose prices can drop by up to 20%.

Source: El heraldo