A peculiar initiative of the Argentine commune to “deal with the crisis”

A peculiar initiative of the Argentine commune to “deal with the crisis”

City of Serodino, Iriondo’s department intends to become the first country to be able to mine cryptocurrencies.

City of Serodino
City of Serodino

SANTA FE.- City SerodinoDepartment Irony125 kilometers south of the capital Santa Fe, on its way to becoming the first country Gain cryptocurrencies. This will be a bet on the project Virtual currency Face to face Economic crisis.

So understandable: the municipality leadership has decided Buy cryptocurrency mining equipment. Thus, the President of the Municipality, John Pio DrovetaExplained that although it has its peculiarities, the goal is “Join from all sides” to overcome the crisis. Therefore, “it was important to present to the public, to try to explain what we are talking about when we talk about cryptocurrency mining, the knowledge economy, the development of new technologies in Santa Fe,” he said.

“We have been working and researching on something that is very broad and related to the knowledge economy, to improve economic development,” Droveta told LA NACION.

In response to a question, Droveta explained that the program, which includes cryptocurrency, is called “Knowledge Economy”. Under this program, “We have crypto mining, which is an alternative, the least complicated we have found, it is an investment in a computer with six video cards. This is someone who works on encryption BlockchainAnd cryptocurrencies pay us for this work every day, “I emphasize.

Encouraged by his enthusiastic initiative, Droveta said: “I do not know if there is a city anywhere in the world that is fulfilling this commitment. Not really in Argentina. “Moreover, we receive daily inquiries from those who ask to know about the day-to-day experience,” he added, referring to contacts between municipal officials in Newken, Rio Negro and Buenos Aires.

“This proposal arose as a result of the economic problems that the commune has. We go through difficult situations; For example, the passenger train that connects to Retiro Tucuman has passed after 35 years and we want to have a passenger train to Canada de Gomez-Rosario, Galvez-Rosario and this whole line. “For this we have to work and see how we can work together to improve it and try to bring in knowledge, work, new technologies,” he said.

On how the knowledge economy will work, he explained that the commune has joined forces with some local businessmen to buy equipment that works to decrypt data chains and does the same with cryptocurrencies. The next step will be to convert these cryptocurrencies into Argentine pesos. “Let’s find out: this is a pilot test from which we can get 60 or 70 thousand pesos per month,” Droveta said.

Regarding the purpose of the funds, the Mayor of Serodino noted that “Profits are transferred to the local facility And this institution will have to submit a project that will be funded. “

Asked how lawful this action and this amount were, the president of the community insisted that so far “there is no regulation because it is a new process. We work with university professors who are preparing to study accounting in Rosario and they are the ones who see how these bills are paid. “One hundred percent of the profits will go to a local institution and this institution will have to submit a project that will be funded,” he added.

Later, discussing the risks associated with the operation, Serodino’s communal president explained: “Here we have to separate. It’s not that we buy cryptocurrencies. This is another thing, it is to generate cryptocurrencies by decryption. “We will always win here,” he said.

“We are investing in the future and in knowledge,” he said.

“People who work on a cryptocurrency mining project will receive the minimum percentage for their work in cryptocurrency, and this will be the profit that the commune would receive, which would be used to donate to a local institution. It is a good topic and more understandable for young people. We know that the general concept of crypto is that we are in the presence of something abstract that is not. “Indeed, this is a knowledge economy,” he concluded.

Source: La Nacion