Input prices are rising for producers in the agricultural and industrial sectors

The purpose of the index is to be part of a series tools for the analysis of jointIn particular, for the detection of inflationary transmission channels, making it possible to study the behavior of product prices from the moment they enter the distribution channels. commercialization.

In this sense, the subclasses that stood out for their negative contribution over the past twelve months were oils Petroleum And oils obtained from bituminous minerals, raw (-19.83%), non-agglomerated coal (-46.39%) and coffee banal or green (-37.72%), which together subtracted 6.48 percentage points from the variation of the National Production Price Index.

While the mining sector is the biggest favorite among these indices, there are sub-classes of the agricultural and industrial sectors that have been affected by the increases in Prices as the petrol for the automotive sector (53.84%), fruit of seeds and fruits bone (31.36%) and petrol engine mixed with ethanol (68.51%).

Source: El heraldo