Musk talks to other investors to buy Twitter

Need more shares

To really take Twitter off the stock exchange, Elon Musk will have to own enough shares and thus convince enough shareholders to sell their shares.

The required minimum is half of the shares. He can then easily determine the policy and also start a process to take the company off the stock exchange. However, it takes time and is complex.

If Musk buys at least 90% of the shares, he can take the company off the stock exchange with a much faster procedure.

poison pill

But Twitter is not taken without a fight. Yesterday a special construction was placed, a so-called poison pill that can prevent this.

Existing shareholders will have the option to purchase additional shares through a share issue. As a result, Musk’s interest will be watered down. This makes it harder for Twitter to take control.

The build will only take effect when Twitter’s engagement is 15% or more.

Source: RTL