Canacol reports a decline in natural gas sales of 8.6% in October

Canacol had reported in the tenth month of last year turnover of 186 million standard cubic feet per day.

The contractual sales of natural gas (i.e. produced, delivered and paid for gas) were 170 million standard cubic feet per day by October 2023.

Canacol had reported that it had been experiencing production capacity constraints since the second week of last August unusual and unexpected losses in some of its gas fields, due to problems at the Jobo gas treatment plant, as well as in certain production wells, it said in a statement.

“As a result of the above, the company has had to limit gas supplies to certain supply contracts intended to meet non-essential gas demand, all in accordance with applicable Colombian regulations and in consultation with the relevant authorities. Since then, the company has successfully implemented a series of corrective actions and is in the process of completing others to return production to normal levels by the end of November,” Canacol said.

Source: El heraldo