“The conditions are being created for a drop in interest rates”

“This is very important to continue with the decisions of monetary policy and sustainability macroeconomic of the country, therefore the message for the Bank of the Republic is that the conditions are created so that in December the pricesBonilla said.

This comment is also shared by the former Minister of Finance, José Manuel Restrepowho emphasized that he was following a positive path delay of the inflation.

“It may ultimately provide scope for adjusting the intervention percentage monetary policy (25 basis points), but the indexing December’s high minimum wage, as announced by the Ministry of Labor, raises concerns about this possibility. The next decision won’t be easy. plate of the central bank. All this without taking other price pressure into account (toll, fuels And Services public/energy),” Restrepo emphasizes.

In this sense, he added that the board will have to judge the decision based on the activity economic policy and the credibility of monetary policy itself. “As always, the most important thing is that it is a monetary policy decision that guarantees this sustainability”.

Source: El heraldo