Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter, but will he succeed? †

Relaxing the rules also entails risks. Because Twitter can be such a toxic place, strict rules are in place to keep the platform livable. For example for minorities and women. Musk seems aware of the risks. “I think mistakes will be made,” he said. The disappearance of the rules could also deter advertisers.

It is also something very personal, writes The Information. Sources who know Musk well refer to Twitter as the main communication channel to the technology site. He’s also the PR machine he made for Tesla, and he’s afraid he’s in danger. There is a danger that he will demand adjustments to his own advantage.

Does Musk have money?

Musk is known for being an impulsive tweeter. The famous tweet of 2018 that he wanted to take Tesla off the stock exchange. The regulator talked about market manipulation. Therefore, it is possible that he has not thought of everything.

Musk said in the interview that the economic side of Twitter does not interest him at all. Musk doesn’t yet know if he can actually buy the company. This will be an important question for the municipality: Can you put this 43 billion on the table?

Full of style, Musk further increased the pressure on the board via Twitter yesterday:

Source: NOS