This is what Elon Musk wants to change on Twitter

Musk said in an interview with TED Tonight that the Twitter acquisition isn’t just about monetization. “I’m not interested in money,” said the entrepreneur. According to him, the platform is important for the “future of human civilization”.

If the takeover attempt fails, Musk says there is a “plan B,” but what that means is not yet known. On Twitter it is clear what Musk wants to change. Overview of their recommendations.

more freedom of expression

Elon Musk is amazing in the advantage unfettered freedom of expression. The businessman has often indicated that Twitter restricts the expression too much. One of the biggest changes it will bring is a less strict moderation policy.

According to Musk, this should lead to a more open discussion on the platform. to compare a square where everyone in the village should be able to express their opinion. The businessman argues that if the platform does not meet this condition, it fundamentally undermines democracy. He said Twitter should be “a public platform that can be completely trusted”. “It’s critical to the future of human civilization,” Musk said in a TED interview.

Musk’s proposal has also been criticized. Opponents say the move could lead to more misinformation, excessive posting and trolling.

edit button

Another change Musk made I want to participate is an edit button. In a survey he conducted on April 5, Musk asked if users wanted such a feature. According to him, this edit button should only be available for a limited time after posting a tweet. A link showing the change should also be added so that the feature is less easy to use.

Interestingly, Twitter has been working on such an edit button for a while now. Company tweeted He has been working there since last year.

Source: RTL