Good news for Poland from the EU. There is agreement on the budget for 2024

On the night of November 10 to 11, negotiations between the EU Council and the European Parliament on the EU budget for 2024 ended. It is good for Poland.

We managed to increase resources for Polish priorities, namely aid to countries hosting Ukrainian refugees, transport links, including military links with Ukraine, and humanitarian aid, both for Ukraine and for the Middle East.

According to Poland’s position, the needs arising from the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework, including the EUR 50 billion Ukrainian instrument, will be included in the EU budget for 2024, following the final agreement on the form of the revision of the multiannual financial framework .

According to the European Commission and Polish negotiators, the 2024 EU budget will ensure a balance between the efficient implementation of projects and the challenges facing the entire EU.

Minister of Finance: Measures of crucial importance for Poland

– Our success is in guaranteeing sufficient resources to finance cohesion policy and the common agricultural policy, which are crucial for Poland, said Finance Minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska.

This financing will be provided both for projects from the final programming period 2014-2020 and to accelerate the implementation of projects from operational programs for the 2021-2027 financial framework.

– We welcome the increase in funding for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We also appreciate the increase in resources allocated to countries hosting Ukrainian refugees and for other activities related to the war in Ukraine, including expanding military transport capabilities within the EU and border protection, Rzeszkowska emphasized.

The participants in the negotiations decided that the necessary changes to next year’s EU budget will be adopted immediately after agreement is reached on the currently discussed revision of the EU’s multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027.

EU budget for 2024. Commitments and priorities

The EU budget for 2024 reflects new challenges related, among other things, to military conflicts close to the borders of the European Union, as well as the need to tackle the consequences of natural disasters in the EU and neighboring countries. It is also a budget for the continuation of expenditure related to the reconstruction of the Member States after the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

Ultimately, it was possible to increase resources for Polish priorities such as student exchanges (Erasmus programme), support for transport links, including military links with Ukraine, and humanitarian aid both for Ukraine and for the Middle East.

The agreement reached will be confirmed by the EU Council and the European Parliament in the next two weeks.

The obligations for next year amount to 189.4 billion euros. This is 2.6 billion euros more than in 2023. The payments amount to 142.6 billion euros and are 25.6 billion euros less than last year.

Next year’s priorities, in addition to the activities related to supporting the green and digital transformation, will be a strong EU response to the war in Ukraine, by financing actions both within the EU and beyond, and the response of the EU to the growing global crises.

Source: Do Rzeczy