Tusk outbid. There is no chance of fulfilling his loud promise

The coalition agreement did not include a provision about the introduction of a ‘0% loan’. Donald Tusk’s election promise will most likely not be fulfilled.

During one of the election rallies, Donald Tuska promised to introduce a “0% loan” program. It is intended for people who are under 45 years old and want to buy an apartment. Under the program, the borrower would repay only the amount of the borrowed capital each month for a certain period of time. The state would pay the rest.

The proposal from the leader of the Citizens Coalition is a response to the government program ‘Safe 2% Credit’, which is based on similar principles.

There will be no 0% loan.

As money.pl discovered, the solution proposed by Tusk regarding a preferential mortgage loan and the system of subsidies for renting apartments will most likely not come into effect. Moreover, the ‘Secure 2% Loan’ has also been introduced by the government of Mateusz Morawiecki. will be liquidated.

As the portal writes, there are several reasons, “including two fundamental ones.” The first is the poor state of the state budget. The second – the impact of the “2 percent loan” to the housing market. The government program stimulated demand and led to higher real estate prices.

– As far as I know, ideas for a 0% loan. and rental subsidies have been abolished because there is no consent for them at the level of the coalition agreement. Moreover, no one tried to include these promises, said the portal’s interlocutor, one of the coalition politicians.

Not only individual politicians from the parties that form the coalition together with KO (such as Magdalena Biejat from the left and Paulina Hennig-Kloska from Poland 2050), but also the banking sector are against Tusk’s proposal from the election campaign.

– 0% on credit. Not really. Now the question should rather be whether it is a 2% loan. will continue, his representative said in an interview with the portal.

Hennig-Kloska, in turn, indicates that for her the most important issue is ‘stimulating supply on the housing market instead of demand’.

– Loan subsidies usually result in an increase in house prices, which we have observed in recent months, and these are stabilized by increasing the number of available housing – she said.

Source: Do Rzeczy