Doctors against maneuver: 24-hour strike on December 18

“Let’s stop health for 24 hours so that we don’t see it stopped forever with a maneuver that destroys the right to health.” Doctors’ unions Aaroi-Emac, Fassid (Aipac-Aupi-Simet-Sinafo-Snr) and Fvm announced a new strike on Tuesday, December 5, following the strike approved by Anaao Assomed and Cimo-Fesmed: “On December 18, Rewarding tax evaders, treatment “We will stop health services for 24 hours so that they are not stopped forever with a budget law that destroys the right to protection of health,” he said.

Doctors will hold a 24-hour strike on December 18

“We have always hesitated to call a national strike – the acronyms remind us – because, unlike other strikes, it directly affects the response to citizens’ demand for care, which has been seriously lacking for too long. The numerous and well-known problems that this Government promises to solve are beyond the scope of any proposed solution.” “We see it being rejected, we see the NHS further damaged, and we are directly affected by unacceptable measures on work and pensions.”

The protest on December 18 could cause a variety of disruptions, as stated in the unions’ joint note: “Including the suspension of all hospital and local health services necessary for non-urgent diagnostics and treatments, as well as food safety and supply,” the note reads: “With the paralysis of operating rooms.” blocking anesthesia services, pre-operative procedures, pain management clinics including labor analgesia and all deferrable consultations; blocking diagnostic, interventional and outpatient radiology services, laboratory diagnostics, psychological services in clinics and child neuropsychiatry; blocking pharmaceutical services in mental health centres, hospitals and local areas; provision of hygiene and public health services; obstruction of import-export markets for foodstuffs, slaughterhouses, meat and fish products; increase in waiting times in emergency services for all deferrable minor codes”.

Reasons for the protest

The basis for the “folding of arms” of the white coats, as emphasized by the acronyms, are the measures included in the new budget law of the Meloni government: “The reasons behind the 24-hour strike of doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, psychologists, biologists represented before the competent institutions in the official communication sent yesterday.” and health managers are well known to the Government, which has decided to strip Parliament of its right to amend the Budget law in order not to satisfy them It does not open the cap on the recruitment of new staff It does not include the necessary measures to stabilize precarious healthcare workers It does not adequately fund the next contract renewals It does not ensure that the specification is out of contract fails to deliver on promises on valuation does not eliminate unfair deferral of repayment of retirees’ Tfs supports evasion of public sector work and particularly the NHS supports co-operatives and increases the number of token doctors; supports the profits of large private healthcare groups; It plunders the future pensions of younger healthcare workers and prevents the revaluation of those already achieved”.

The note, signed by Alessandro Vergallo for Aaroi-Emac (Italian association of hospital resuscitation anesthetists – Critical area emergency), Roberta Di Turi for the Fassid federation and Aldo Grasselli for Fvm (Federation of Veterinary Surgeons), also includes an appeal to the administration: “The Meloni Government’s budget The law must be changed. The aims of this strike are clear: to defend universal and supportive public healthcare; to protect the NHS from the plunder of professionalism, resources and demand; to defend workers’ wages and pensions. Covid heroes: to ensure that every available and appropriate treatment is available to every individual, regardless of wealth “to provide,” he said.

This maneuver, described by the unions as “unfair and unacceptable”, is a package of measures that only penalizes the national healthcare system and therefore the patients: “The world of health, the ‘heroes of Covid’, the right to health protection” It concerns the weakest sections of this much-loved ‘nation’ the only thing is an ATM that the Government uses to collect cash and therefore does not have to bother: the extra profits of the banks, tax dodgers and investor groups who prey on public health by shifting demand and resources for private healthcare and ‘private dealing’. It states that the protest continues in an open and coordinated manner with the strike of CGIL and UIL on 17 November to be followed by the national strike. It continues with the CISL demonstration on 25 November and the Aaroi-Emac, Fassid and FVM strike on 18 December. Not only that: the dates mentioned above are part of a wider protest calendar that also involves many other union representatives in the NHS. and is even more comprehensive for all public sector workers”.

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Source: Today IT