The ‘daily wage’, a financial slavery scheme

“I do not advise anyone to make these kinds of loans. A money problem is solved at that moment, but then comes the hell that I would not wish on my worst enemy,” says María*, a barranquilla trader, whose need for funding led her to fall into the clutches of ‘pay daily’

María tells of the experience she had to go through, like many Colombians, who only managed to access a microcredit to utilize the business from which they earn a decent income.

Remember that after having negative report in his credit history due to delays in payments on three credit cards, he had to resort to this casual scheme, even knowing what he was exposing himself to, but with no other alternatives.

“A person I know recommended them to me and they lent me the money I needed, it seemed like a… quick solutionbut then I realized I would end up paying more than half of the capital,” she says remorsefully.

“I was ‘lucky’ that the collector who touched me was respectful, but I know of cases of people who have had their appliances and other items removed from their homes or who have been mistreated for not being able to pay,” he says, keeping his eyes peeled for them. sit at infinity.

Source: El heraldo