“I didn’t even read it.” Errors in the draft of the Confederation Act

Sławomir Mentzen referred to the Confederation’s famous project on increasing the tax-free amount.

Two projects from the left regarding the liberalization of abortion regulations have been submitted to the Sejm. One of them partially decriminalizes abortion and its assistance, the other allows termination of pregnancy until the end of the twelfth week of its duration and introduces additional rules regarding the conscience clause.

The Confederacy also submitted its projects. We are talking about changes in the Personal Income Tax Act regarding the PLN tax-free amount of PLN 60,000. PLN and changes to the Social Security System Act regarding voluntary ZUS for entrepreneurs.

– The freezer disappears from my office. The Sejm will never again be a government service point or someone’s voting machine, Sejm Chairman Szymon Hołownia announced.

Mentzen: My coalition partners made a mistake

One of the leaders of the Confederation, Sławomir Mentzen, commented on the confusion with the project about increasing the tax-free amount. The proposal became famous because of errors pointed out by economists. If the law enters into force in the form proposed by the Confederation, the tax-free amount should amount to PLN 500,000. zloty. However, the intention of the authors of the project was to increase the tax-free amount for everyone to an amount equal to twelve times the minimum wage, but not less than 60,000 PLN. zloty.

On Wednesday, the second self-amendment of the bill appeared on the Sejm website.

– Unfortunately, my coalition partners made a mistake. They submitted the project with an error, then they made a change, which seemed to have another error, and then probably another with an error. And I suspect that the improved version will now finally be submitted to the Sejm. It didn’t work very well. It should have been good, but it turned out to be funny. I had nothing to do with this project. I didn’t even read it, I didn’t sign it, I wasn’t at the conference, I didn’t see it in person – said Confederation MP Sławomir Mentzen in a recording from the series “Mentzen grills”, published on YouTube. – The first cats for fences. I hope that now things will only get better and that our next projects will be better – added the politician.

Source: Do Rzeczy