The European Commission can punish Poland for blocking the border with Ukraine

The European Commission could launch infringement proceedings against Poland if the government does not solve the problem of carriers blocking border crossings with Ukraine.

A representative of the European Commission told RMF FM that Polish authorities are obliged under EU law to ensure the free movement of goods from Ukraine, including Ukrainian trucks at border crossings.

Some EC members believe that the Polish authorities are not doing everything they can to solve the problem and put an end to the protest by Polish airlines.

RMF FM has learned from unofficial sources that the European Commission is investigating whether Polish authorities violated the EU regulation on trade liberalization with Ukraine, which was recently extended until June 2024. Officials in Brussels must now investigate the legal basis for initiating infringement proceedings.

Officially, the EC does not want to comment on the actions it will take against Poland, because talks with Warsaw and Kiev are still ongoing.

– The European Commission is still in contact with the authorities of both countries. We cannot comment on possible measures as discussions are ongoing, the EC representative said.

On November 6, several dozen Polish airlines began blocking three border crossings with Ukraine. These are Korczowa, Dorohusk and Hrebenne. Their demands include the introduction of trade licenses for Ukrainian companies to transport goods, with the exception of humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian army, the suspension of licenses for companies established after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and control about these companies. .

European Commission spokesperson Adalbert Jahnz stated that the main demand of Polish carriers, namely the restoration of the system for licensing Ukrainian drivers to work in the EU, is contrary to EU law.

On November 13, demonstrators announced that recent talks with Ukrainian officials had not ended the dispute and that they would therefore continue to block the border.

Source: Do Rzeczy