“The government is deaf to the collapse of the economy”


What is the shock plan you have proposed to the national government to improve the economy?


Together with the Guild Council we have proposed some plans. Firstly, we are now seeing that government spending is not happening at the pace it should, but is also being focused on more social issues and subsidies. Therefore, government spending should be focused on infrastructure, stimulating construction and the productive sector. .

Secondly, we need to revise the formula for calculating usury rates, as credit card interest rates are normally very close to usury rates, and as long as these rates are high, consumption will remain under pressure. to take on debts with an average interest rate of 36%.

Third, the president has declared himself the enemy of the No-VAT Day, which is a big mistake, because if anything stimulated economic growth last year, it was the no-tax days, which need to be done again.

Fourth, we believe that it is somehow necessary to revise the tax code again and return to an incentive policy for business creation, or equally for job creation, since this ended with the previous tax reform .

Source: El heraldo