Bankers’ salaries will increase by over 400 euros per month

It is being done to renew the new national banking agreement, which expired at the end of last year. Abi and the unions reached an agreement on a monthly increase of 435 euros in the salaries of 280 thousand employees of Italian banks.

The salary increase is supposed to start in early December, with some of the delays starting from 2023, but this issue is still being discussed. Today, Wednesday 22 November, after another technical meeting, the ABI will hold a general meeting to show unions the final package containing the new contract rules. Then, the general secretaries of the acronyms will need to approve.

Among the innovations brought by the new contract is the severance pay calculation basis being brought to 100% following the reduction in 2012 and the partial restoration in 2019. Other notable elements relate to changes in staff mobility and transfers, with increases in both mileage and mileage. The age limit at which the bank cannot transfer an employee.

In addition, the employment fund allocated to the recruitment of young people under the age of 35 will also be used to pay a portion (25%) of the salaries of senior employees who prefer to work part-time, provided that new young people join.

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Source: Today IT