Ukraine wants the EU to intervene in Poland. “We are waiting for an answer”

Ukraine is proposing to the EU to establish an observation mission on the border with Poland, where airlines have been protesting since early November.

Serhiy Derkach, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, announced that an official letter with such a proposal had been sent to Brussels. – We are waiting for an answer – he added.

The Ukrainian side proposes that EU observers monitor the situation at the border and determine whether dangerous goods are allowed in, how humanitarian aid crosses the border and, most importantly, in what conditions Ukrainian drivers have been living for more than two weeks.

Derkach also stated that Kiev has started collecting data for the evacuation of Ukrainian drivers, as no agreement could be reached on this during negotiations with the local and central authorities of Poland and the EU.

– We have proposed a number of compromises and the Polish Government and the European Commission are aware of them. However, an agreement on anything is only possible if there is a willingness to negotiate, and not just a desire to block the border, the Ukrainian deputy minister said.

Protest at the border with Ukraine. Farmers joined the carriers

The blockade of another border crossing – in Medyka in Podkarpacia – began on Thursday. Protesting drivers were joined by farmers who plan to continue their 24-hour action until January 3, although they were originally supposed to block the border until Saturday, November 25. They demand, among other things: corn subsidies and lower agricultural taxes.

– We sold corn very cheaply, we lose PLN 2,000 per hectare. zloty. The expenditure per hectare amounts to PLN 5.5 thousand. PLN, we won only 3.3 thousand PLN. zloty. The liquidity loans that supported us to some extent, allowing us to continue functioning as farmers, were withdrawn. Unfortunately, the government that is now leaving has taken these loans from us, said Roman Kondrów, one of the organizers of the protest, in an interview with the Agricultural News portal Polska.

– We stand in solidarity with carriers because these industries have suffered the most damage – he added, announcing that from Monday to January 3, only two trucks per day will pass through the border crossing in Medyka.

Polish drivers who have been protesting since November 6 are demanding, among other things: introduction of commercial licenses for Ukrainian companies to transport goods, with the exception of humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian army, suspension of licenses for companies founded after the outbreak of war and their inspections, as well as the liquidation of the so-called electronic queue on the Ukrainian side.

Source: Do Rzeczy