Poland will file a complaint against Germany with the CJEU. “Only today”

Today the government will file a complaint with the CJEU against Germany over waste storage in Poland, Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa announced.

“Together with Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, we have drafted a full complaint to the CJEU against Germany regarding waste. It’s almost a thousand pages of documents and hard evidence. The complaint will be sent to the Court today,” Moscow wrote on its profile. on the X platform (formerly Twitter) Monday.

Previously, the Polish government asked federal authorities to clean up waste stored in Poland. The German federal government decided that waste collection was the responsibility of the states and took no action in this direction.

Dispute with Germany. The European Commission agreed with Poland

In July this year, Moscow announced that the Polish government had filed a complaint with the European Commission against Germany for cleaning up 35,000 tons of German waste at various landfills in Poland. In October, the EC reached an agreement in this dispute with Poland and obliged the Federal Republic to clean up the waste.

– We use a complaint to the European Commission, which is the first stage of the procedure before the Court of Justice of the EU. At the same time, we call on our German partner (…) to collect German waste. Polish taxpayers cannot pay for the disposal and management of German waste, Moscow said at a news conference.

According to the Criminal Code, the penalty for importing and abandoning waste is a maximum of twelve years in prison. At the same time, compensation for the National Fund for Environmental Protection amounts to PLN 10 million for an individual member of the company’s board of directors and up to PLN 5 million for the entire company.

Source: Do Rzeczy