Pensions, bigger check in January: revaluation and increases up to 122 euros

After much suffering, good news arrives for Italian retirees. From January 1, 2024, an inflationary adjustment equal to +5.4% of the amounts currently received will be triggered. The Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, communicated this yesterday together with his Labor colleague, Marina Elvira Calderone, signing the respective decree. “The increase, which will be recognized in the manner established by legislation, was calculated based on the percentage change that occurred in the consumer price indices provided by Istat on November 7, 2023,” wrote Mef. Thus, just as an example, a pension of one thousand euros from the January installment will have an increase of 53 euros gross. One of the 1500 will register an increase of almost 80 euros. A breath of fresh air for those who are away from work and have fully borne the brunt of the high cost of living this year. Now it’s time for recovery.

While we wait for the January installment, there will already be another small increase in the December installment. The 2023 revaluation adjustment, equal to 0.8%, was in fact brought forward to the last month of the year. This amount is linked to the recovery in inflation observed last year, that is, 2022, which was definitively set at 8.1% compared to the previous provisional estimate of 7.3%. The balance payment date was confirmed in the final version of the legislative decree that accompanies the maneuver launched by the Meloni government. A date that was a month late compared to that indicated in the previous draft, which provided for payment with checks from November.

An example of how much you will receive in your December check will be provided soon. If the 2022 value was one thousand and the provisional revaluation of 7.3% would increase the value by 73 euros. With the real and definitive (8.1%) we reach a total of 81 euros with an adjustment of 8 euros. In a total of 1,081 euros, in addition to, since January, the 5.4% increase guaranteed yesterday by the government provision equal to around 58 euros on the same value. In total, the same income would rise to 1,139 euros in 2024. On average, with the new predicted increase, increases of up to 122 euros are estimated for checks up to four times the minimum, those for which the full recovery of the increase in prices, that is, those up to 2,272.96 euros gross. The minimum treatment for 2023 is set at 563.74 euros. In short, given the constraints of the public budget, slightly better times are ahead for the more than 20 million Italian retirees.

Source: IL Tempo