Plastic industry exports growing by 12.7%

Acoplosos cites among the challenges the promotion of eco-design, such as the ICIPC Loop Seals, an initiative that highlights the circular economy attributes of plastic containers and packaging. The civic culture that the union is trying to reach citizens through campaigns to give life to plastic promoting responsible consumption and the circular economy. And about control of the impact of the material, points to Acoplosos, the Operation Clean Sweep – OCS initiative, which aims to avoid pollution caused by plastics in industry.

Another initiative is GoPlastic, within the framework of several projects and alliances with the main objective of strengthening and stimulating the recycling markets in Colombia through financing, corporate, capital and commercial rounds.

The main challenge for the sector in the economy is to recover from negative figures. “This will obviously depend on how customers in the plastics industry behave, i.e. sectors such as food, beverages, toiletries, cleaning, agricultural chemicals, oils, construction, automotive, home appliances line and of course consumer goods,” said Daniel Mitchell.

To maintain sustainability, Mitchell added that it is “necessary to continue to promote and strengthen the circular economy, for which it is necessary to maintain investments to expand capacity and promote eco-design and new technologies for recycling and logistics and strengthen infrastructure chains. .”

Source: El heraldo