What is the future of CPK? “First the audit, then the decision”

According to the latest reports, the future of the Central Communications Gate (CPK) is uncertain. Maciej Lasek spoke about the issue.

The opposition, which wants to form a joint government, disagrees on whether to build the Central Communications Port, which will be built in Baranów. This is one of the flagship development projects initiated by Law and Justice.

According to unofficial media information, Civic Coalition MP Maciej Lasek will take on the position of government plenipotentiary for the CPK. Economic journalist Filip Lamański stated that “the project must be completed for political reasons.” In an interview with Interia.pl, Maciej Lasek denied the media reports. – I do not know. I don’t comment on fake news, the politician said.

CPK. Lasek: First the audit, then the decision

According to a member of the Civic Coalition, regarding the project to build the Central Communications Gate, “an audit should be conducted before any decisions are made.” – This position has not changed since the elections – he emphasized.

– We will have access to the full documents after we take power. The company has never wanted to give us full versions of the analyzes on which it based its decisions. We were not given a work schedule, which we often asked for. We want to see if the plans to implement the project are realistic, said Maciej Lasek. – First the audit, then the decision – he added.

Infrastructure for 40 million passengers

The first phase of the CPK airport, including two runways, is scheduled to be launched in 2028. Infrastructure will also be built that will serve 40 million passengers.

Construction of approximately 2,000 m² is in preparation. km of railway lines. In the first phase of the airport, a 140 kilometer long high-speed line between Warsaw and Łódź should be passable. Priority will be given to sections included by the European Union in the trans-European transport network TEN-T and receiving funding, such as the route Warsaw – CPK – Łódź – Wrocław/Poznań.

Source: Do Rzeczy