Kiev in the trade war with Poland

Ukraine ruthlessly uses the privileges granted by Brussels to conquer European markets, especially the Polish one.

Already on the eve of the war, it forced Warsaw to make concessions in the field of transport. The dispute over carriers is a new battle in the Polish-Ukrainian trade war after the grain dispute.

The dispute over freight transport between Poland and Ukraine, which has been going on for several weeks, is not new. Before the war, Kiev and Warsaw placed specific limits on the permits issued for the entry of trucks from one country to another. On the eve of the Russian invasion, equality prevailed. 160,000 people could cross the border in both directions. trucks per year. Polish carriers did not use the entire package of permits. The Ukrainians, on the other hand, demanded that the limit be increased to PLN 200,000.

Trucking companies in both countries made money on routes to the west instead of to the east. However, Poland has long been a leader in this sector. Cheap services of Ukrainian airlines are a very dangerous competition for Polish companies.

In January 2022, Ukraine blocked rail transport from Asia to Poland through its territory. The official reason was the need to carry out renovation work on the track. However, it was an open secret that Kiev wanted to force Warsaw to make concessions in the field of road transport. Zelensky’s team decided to take this step literally on the eve of the outbreak of war. In this context, it is worth recalling that Kiev has been publicly accusing Warsaw for several months of blocking the export of Ukrainian grain to the EU, although the said blockade applies only to a few countries and transit through Polish territory occurs without any problems takes place. .


Source: Do Rzeczy