Mill Act. Hennig-Kloska: The author of the regulations was the PO

The drafter of the provisions of the wind farm law was the Civic Platform. We received this project for consultation, said Paulina Hennig-Kloska.

A group of MPs from the Civic Coalition and Poland 2050 submitted to the Speaker of the Sejm a draft law amending laws supporting consumers of electricity, gas and heat, and certain other laws.

The project caused great controversy because it makes the construction of wind installations much easier, the operation of which is burdensome for local residents and also has negative consequences for nature. The regulations include: possibility of expropriation for the construction of wind turbines. Law and Justice has submitted reports in this case to the Public Prosecution Service and the Central Bureau for Combating Corruption.

Hennig-Kloska: There is no scandal

– We do not want to concern ourselves with the consequences, but with the causes of high energy prices. To reduce this, we believe it is necessary to fill the missing capacity, especially among renewable energy sources, and start the transformation process. This was the step announced by all sides, so I don’t know why the other side is so surprised – said Paulina Hennig-Kloska, Vice President of Poland 2050, in the ‘Graffiti’ program on Polsat News.

– The draft regulations were drawn up by the Civic Platform. We have received this project for consultation. I have consulted it and submitted a number of amendments to it, so that I can say that I identify with this project, the politician admitted. When asked for the names of people who created the so-called wind farm law project, the MP replied that she had been “asked for consultation by Borys Budka”.

– I would like to emphasize that there is no scandal. There are many lies and disinformation surrounding this scandal. We absolutely do not want to expropriate people, but this will be corrected and clarified in the law. The idea is to connect the power plant to the electricity grid by means of a cable that runs underground. The second accusation is that we will locate the power plant closer to 300 meters from households, but this is also not true, Hennig-Kloska explains.

– Not a single businessman investing in wind farms has contacted me about changing the regulations or tried to put pressure on them. We have consulted experts, assured the Polish MP 2050.

Source: Do Rzeczy