Bulgaria has lifted the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain. However, he sets conditions

The two countries reached an agreement on the import of Ukrainian grain. Bulgaria and Ukraine are monitoring market disruptions.

Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Supply of Ukraine Mykola Solskij and his Bulgarian counterpart Kyryll Vatev have agreed on the conditions for the application of the licensing system for the export of sunflower, rapeseed, maize and wheat seeds. According to the press service of the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture, information exchange between the two countries continues.

– The Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture and Food has kept its promise to limit the import of these agricultural products as much as possible, in accordance with the memorandum concluded between the government and the Initiative Committee of Protesting Farmers, the Bulgarian minister said.

Nikolai Denkov added that both countries will closely monitor whether there are market disruptions and whether the interests of Bulgarian producers, processors and consumers are not threatened.

Grain crisis

On September 15, the European Commission’s ban on the import of Ukrainian corn, wheat, rapeseed and sunflower seeds to Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia expired. Poland, Hungary and Slovakia continued to refuse to import Ukrainian grain.

The Bulgarian parliament has lifted the blockade on the export of Ukrainian agricultural products to the country. The head of the country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Kyrylo Vatev, then stressed that this would not seriously damage the state economy and promised to strengthen support for Bulgarian farmers.

Nevertheless, Bulgaria continued to impose restrictions on Ukrainian grain imports, unable to withstand pressure from domestic farmers who began blocking roads in protest.

In the second half of October, reports emerged that Bulgaria was considering the possibility of introducing a license for the import of Ukrainian grain, especially sunflower seeds. The Ministers of Agriculture of Ukraine and Bulgaria agreed to coordinate the start date of exports in accordance with the new regulations.

Source: Do Rzeczy