Document inspections of Ukrainians. Suddenly there are far fewer cars carrying humanitarian aid

Suddenly there were much fewer cars transporting humanitarian aid to Ukraine – inform Polish carriers, adding that this coincided with document inspections by the National Tax Administration.

European Union decisions favored the Ukrainian transport sector at the expense of the Polish one, resulting in continued protests from transporters. Brussels has completely waived the requirement that Ukrainians obtain trade permits, which are required by Poles entering Ukraine.

Restore the permit system

That’s why Polish carriers want restoration of normal economic relations, i.e. among other things the restoration of the entry permit system for Ukrainian companies for the transport of goods, with the exception of humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian army.

Recently, the Polish media became more interested in the case, and after the intervention of the Confederation, so did the Sejm. A few days ago, the co-organizer of the strike, Rafał Mekler, spoke on Polsat News about the reasons for the airlines’ protest.

The Confederacy is also constantly publicizing the matter. The group already supported carriers during warning protests a few months ago. On Monday, a press conference was held in front of the European Commission’s representative office in Poland with the participation of Sejm Vice-President Krzysztof Bosak and protesting airlines. The Council of the European Union is meeting today to discuss, among other things: problems in the transport sector.

Document checks and suddenly far fewer trucks with humanitarian aid

After Bosak and Mekler, who recalled the demands of Polish carriers, Jacek Sokół from the Committee for the Defense of Carriers and Transport Employers spoke. As he said, protesters are wrongly accused of stopping the transportation of humanitarian aid, fresh produce and military supplies. He pointed out that there are no blockages from the protesters in this regard.

– The police tell us that it is the drivers themselves who stand in the parking lots and block the cars entitled to earlier access. We have no influence on this. We are not the ones who go to the parking lots, we are not the ones who decide which cars leave. It is the drivers themselves who, you could say, have created a mafia in the parking lot that decides who comes in and when. There is no blockage on our part, Sokół said.

An industry representative pointed out another phenomenon. Since Thursday, officials from the National Tax Administration have been at the border to check the documents. From that moment on, ‘weird things’ started happening at the border.

– Listen, ladies and gentlemen, Since Thursday, there have suddenly been far fewer cars carrying humanitarian aid, as Ukrainian drivers have informed their bosses that documents will be checked and criminal charges will likely be filed, as falsification of documents is punishable. Far fewer of these transports immediately appeared. Look, it is the drivers themselves, the Ukrainian companies themselves, who are cheating their country and each other. Who is entitled to travel and who is not? Sokół said.

Source: Do Rzeczy