Natural gas bills, here’s the current price for November: how much you’ll save

The Energy, Grids and Environmental Regulatory Authority (Arera) announced the updated price of gas bills for consumption in November 2023. The change concerns the price of the energy component for “non-market” customers who are still in the protected market. general charges and the tariff based on the cost of transport and measurement will remain unchanged”. The update includes savings, but costs are still higher than before the crisis: let’s see how prices will change.

New price of natural gas bills in November 2023

The news is good for those in the hedged gas market: Arera reports a 1.3% decline in consumption in November 2023 compared to October for the typical hedged household. The entire reduction was determined by a reduction in natural gas expenditures equal to 42.53 euro megawatt hours. Those with an average annual gas consumption of 1,400 cubic meters are considered a “typical family”.

The gas price component to cover supply costs applied to currently protected customers is updated by Arera as the monthly average of the price on the Italian wholesale market (previous PSV day) and published within the first two business days of the month. In November, when wholesale prices fell compared to October, which follows the reference month, the price of raw material gas alone for customers contracting under protected conditions was equal to 42.53 euros per megawatt hour.

In terms of final impacts, a typical family’s gas expenditure in one year (December 2022 – November 2023) was approximately 1,431 euros before taxes, a decrease of 17.7% compared to the equivalent 12 months of the previous year (December). 2021 – November 2022). But how much will you save in concrete terms?

Unc: “Savings of 19 euros per year, but still 492 euros more than in 2020”

“The decline in gas is good, but it certainly cannot be said to cause excitement as it is equal to only 19 euros on an annual basis. However, this shows that the 12% increase in October is due not only to seasonality but also to speculation. Considering that gas demand in November increased compared to the previous month taken, since the heating is turned on not only in climate zone E, such as Milan, but also in climate zone D (Rome, Florence, Genoa…) and from November 15 in C (Naples, Bari and Cagliari).We are now asking the Government to expand the protected market and We want him to renew all the rebates in the bill for at least 6 months, and also bring back the electricity rebates that expired as of April 1, 2023,” says Marco. Vignola is president of the Union’s energy sector, National Consumers.

According to research by the National Consumers Union, for a typical protected family -1.3% means spending 19 euros less on an annual basis, or 18.90 euros to be exact. The total expenditure in the next twelve months (thus from 1 November 2023 to 31 October 2024 in the constant prices hypothesis, not on a previous year basis) will thus increase from 1486 euros to 1467 euros, which adds 764 euros. The light determined a total blow of 2231 euros.

The gas price is at its lowest level since January 2022, but if it falls by 1.3% compared to before the crisis, that is, November 2020 compared to October 2023, and 14.4% compared to November 2022, the increase is astronomical: +56%, 2. Compared to the total spend equal to 975 euros in 2020, you will now pay 492 euros more, i.e. +50.5% percent.

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Source: Today IT