There was no agreement on the choice of labor productivity data

There was no agreement on the choice of labor productivity data

Other measures being analyzed are the deindexation of goods and services, Gloria Inés Ramírez admitted.

Last week the official indicated that this was necessary “think about protecting the purchasing power of wages”. Last year he added that an indexation had been achieved (not so quickly) that was crucial for the increase, but this year the aim is to include interest and extortionate rates in the agreement.

“We call that the UVT, the Tax Value Units. This year we are taking another step. If you look, I think it is Article 183 of the National Development Plan that tells us about a new measure, namely the Basic Value Unit (UVB). With this measure we will work on the processes of deindexation. In other words, we have collected the discussions and debates that are on the table, because what is government wantsand it is the intention of this negotiating table that we can effectively reach an agreement agreement which will not so much affect the living standards of Colombians, but above all allow quality to be achieved,” he emphasized.

The first deadline for an agreement is December 15. If this is not met, the maximum deadline is until December 30 this year.

Source: El heraldo