Mekler: The EU has created a problem and is now demanding that we quietly transfer another branch of the economy

The EU has created a problem, and now we will quietly give up another branch of the economy after agriculture, says Rafał Mekler, co-organizer of the airlines’ protest.

The EU’s Transport Council met in Brussels on Monday. EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean said there is no question of restoring permits for transporters from Ukraine.

Let us not forget that the European Union’s decisions favored the Ukrainian transport sector at the expense of the Polish one, resulting in continued protests from Polish carriers. Brussels has completely waived the requirement that Ukrainians obtain trade permits, which are required by Poles entering Ukraine. As a result, Ukrainian companies are taking over the Polish market and Polish airlines continue to incur losses.

Polish airlines only want to restore normal economic relations, i.e., among other things: the restoration of the entry permit system for Ukrainian companies for the transport of goods, with the exception of humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian army.

Mekler: The EU has created a problem

The decision to maintain the privileged situation of airlines from Ukraine was commented on by one of the strike organizers, Rafał Mekler.

“The EU rejects the claims of Poland, Slovakia and Hungary regarding the restoration of the licensing system and the regulation of the eco-queue. In fact, the Commissioner demands that Poland restore the ability to implement this agreement. The Eurokolkhoz workers are deaf to our arguments. If they had their law enforcement forces or the EU Border Guard here, we would already be pacified,” he wrote.

“The EU has created a problem that would not have existed if Poland had not been deprived of this power, and now it requires us to quietly transfer another branch of the economy after agriculture,” he added.

Polish Minister: We are dealing with unfair competition

We expect that the European Commission, within the Joint Committee to be convened in accordance with art. 7 of the agreement will revise this agreement – said Rafał Weber, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, after the meeting.

Weber pointed out that Poland is losing under the current circumstances. – Of the 100 trips across the Polish-Ukrainian border, 10 are made with Polish vehicles, and 90 with Ukrainian vehicles. Before the outbreak of war this relationship was different. 35 trips are made by Polish vehicles and 65 by Ukrainian vehicles. We are dealing with unfair competition here. That is why a response from the European Commission is necessary, he emphasized.

Source: Do Rzeczy