Brussels does not agree to the demand of Polish carriers. Bosak’s decisive comment

What is proposed to Poland is a “political solution”, which means that from our own budget we can pay compensation for the industry destroyed by Ukrainian competition – emphasizes Krzysztof Bosak.

The EU’s Transport Council met in Brussels on Monday. The demands of the Polish side were not taken into account. EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean said there is no question of restoring permits for transporters from Ukraine. The official urged Poland to unblock the border and “come to its senses.”

Protest by carriers

Let us not forget that the European Union’s decisions favored the Ukrainian transport sector at the expense of the Polish one, resulting in continued protests from Polish carriers. Brussels has completely waived the requirement that Ukrainians obtain trade permits, which are required by Poles entering Ukraine. Another problem is the operation of the e-queuing system introduced by Ukraine, which increases the travel time of Polish drivers.

As a result, Ukrainian companies are taking over the Polish market and Polish airlines continue to incur losses. In this context, it is worth recalling that the transport sector generates almost 6% of GDP in Poland. Its gross domestic product (GDP) employs approximately one million people.

Polish airlines only want to restore normal economic relations, i.e., among other things: the restoration of the entry permit system for Ukrainian companies for the transport of goods, with the exception of humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian army.

Bosak: Polish industry is being destroyed. There is no understanding in the EU

The Confederation continues to highlight the issue of Polish airlines. The group already supported carriers during warning protests a few months ago and now continues to provide assistance.

In response to Brussels’ decisions, Bosak published a comment on social media in which he quoted Commissioner Vălean’s statement and pointed out that Poland was falling victim to its own doctrine of unconditional aid to Ukraine.

“What is proposed to Poland is: «political solution»which means that we can pay compensation from our own budget for the industry destroyed by Ukrainian competition. – he noted.

“Yesterday during the EU Council, even all the Baltic states stood against Poland – in the context of Ukraine presented as close allies of Poland, also threatened by Russia,” Bosak wrote.

“It’s bad. The EU does not understand or even take a serious interest in the Polish situation in the context of Ukraine’s influence on the EU market,” he added.

Weber: We are dealing with unfair competition

We expect that the European Commission, within the Joint Committee to be convened in accordance with art. 7 of the agreement, will revise this agreement – said Rafał Weber, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, after the meeting of the EU Transport Council.

Weber pointed out that Poland is losing under the current circumstances. – Of the 100 trips across the Polish-Ukrainian border, 10 are made with Polish vehicles, and 90 with Ukrainian vehicles. Before the outbreak of war this relationship was different. 35 trips are made by Polish vehicles and 65 by Ukrainian vehicles. We are dealing with unfair competition here. That is why a response from the European Commission is necessary, he emphasized.

Source: Do Rzeczy