Online “Pubblica”, the first Italian documentary series dedicated to digital public communication and information

Titled “Publica”, this series is the first Italian documentary series dedicated to digital public communication and information. This film, shot in the cities of Florence, Rome, Naples, Turin, with footage of many participating administrations from all over Italy, and produced by the PA Social Association in collaboration with the Fondazione Italia Digitale, Binario F, Meta, created by Edera Rivista, focuses on the historical digitalization and communication of public administration. a point of view, describing current events, experiments and opportunities of the near future. The documentary series combines interviews with industry professionals, institutions and people from various sectors, as well as the participation of citizens in four different “categories”: from students and elderly women to doctors and professionals, who struggle with the use of computers. Digital platforms for PA in the newspaper. There is no shortage of stories of the unfinished journey towards recognizing the professionalism of digital communications. Ministries, regions, municipalities, healthcare companies, museums, parks, chambers of commerce, universities, schools, public utilities and utility companies, state and local institutions participated. The documentary series is available in both its full version and its seven-episode version. Topics covered include: digital services and skills, law reform path 150 in 2000, metadata, social networks, chats, artificial intelligence and good practices for popularizing digital. A chorus enriched by a series of interviews featuring Paolo Zangrillo, Marianna Madia, Fabiana Dadone, Coma_Cose, Claudio Marchisio, Marco Carrara, Chiara Foglietta, Angelo Mazzetti, Diego Ciulli, Patrizio Caligiuri, Ernesto Belisario, Stefano D’Orazio, Stefano De Capitani story by Livio Gigliuto, Francesco Nicodemo, Claudio Pettinari, Sergio Talamo, Christian Tosolin, Giulia Banfi, Pietro Biglia, Davide D’Arcangelo.

Francesco Di Costanzo, president of PA Social and Fondazione Italia Digitale and co-host narrator of “Pubblica”, explains: “For the first time in Italy, the world of digital communication and public information is depicted in the form of a documentary series. The aim is to give more power and visibility to the many realities and professionals who provide quality services to citizens in our country, from north to south, thanks to digital platforms, social networks, chats, artificial intelligence and metadatabase. The publication represents a story with a different format to those done in recent years, but above all it offers a window into what still needs to be done and the many digital opportunities for PAs, businesses and citizens to exploit. I would like to thank many people and partners who contributed to this path, many corporate names from the digital world and other sectors who accompanied me with their interviews, and the cities and public administrations who participated with their visuals. The good thing is that the story continues every day and in every region, with the aim of providing better service to citizens. “With Public, we will aim to go to all areas, including schools, universities, theatres, sports facilities, museums and many other places, with the aim of developing a more mature digital culture and popular digital increasing knowledge, awareness and skills.”

The broadcast is available from today on the PA Social YouTube channel and on the channels of Binario F, Agenzia Dire, Citynews group.

Source: Today IT