Lamborghini milestone: short week, higher wages and 500 jobs

A historic agreement that will set a precedent. On the night between Monday, December 4th and Tuesday, December 5th, Automobili Lamborghini signed an agreement proposal with the RSU and the Fiom and Fim unions, which, after a year of negotiations, brought a revolutionary innovation in our country: short weeks for employees. A “historic agreement”, announced in acronyms throughout the night, will have to go through some bureaucratic steps to take shape. Over the next few days, the text will be presented to company employees and subject to an approval referendum. The agreement envisages in detail a reduction in working hours, an annual salary increase, 500 new hires, an improvement process in the ongoing contracts of the site, consolidation of rights and protection of differences.

Lamborghini, how are its working hours changing?

So how will the “short week” be implemented? The reduction in hours includes alternating a 5-day and a four-day week for production or production-related staff working two shifts (morning and afternoon) and a central shift for an overall reduction of 22 working days per year. One 5-day week and two 4-day weeks for production or production-related personnel working in a three-shift regime (morning, afternoon and night) for a total reduction of 31 working days per year; 16 days less per year for workers not tied to production. Finally, 16 days less per year for non-production workers and 12 days less for clerical staff; The second category has the opportunity to benefit from 12 days of smart work per month.

Increase in wages and bonuses

Another good news for Lamborghini employees is that the annual performance continuity bonus will increase from 332 euros in 2022 to 2200 euros in 2026 (to 1000 euros in 2023, 1400 in 2024 and 1800 euros in 2025). will increase) related to the increase. The new Performance Bonus will be equal to 4,000 Euros. Additionally, an increase is expected in various allowances related to production and improving the skills of employees. The total amount to be paid annually to Lamborghini employees, in addition to the salary stipulated in the National Agreement, will thus increase from 13,500 euros to approximately 16,000 euros (of which 4,000 is variable, 12,000 is certain). Along with the November 2023 payroll, the payment of which is planned to be made on Monday, December 11, an extraordinary bonus of 1,063 euros will be paid in connection with the company’s 60th anniversary. Finally, the agreement also envisages 500 new hires on Italian soil.

“Work less, work better”

A “significant victory”, as underlined in a joint note from Fiom and Fim: “The company will work to achieve a concrete improvement in the material conditions of contract workers. This will be expressed through the fight against pirate contracts and the promotion of second-level agreements.” Finally, the consultation led to the introduction of various tools to support parenting and combat gender violence. Firstly, paid leaves will be created in case of adoption and care of a child and the inclusion of children in nursery or nursery school, as well as a 10% increase in the company contribution to parental leave, which reaches 80% of the salary”.

Training on combating gender-based violence is being made compulsory, and a working group on “social innovation” is being established in cooperation with associations operating in the field, in order to gain new citizenship rights. “The two unions concluded that the agreement is historic because it is the first time in Europe that an automotive industry has achieved a significant reduction in working hours, not by lowering wages but by increasing wages. Working less, working better is a more general logic that guides this negotiation and This is the principle that emerges. In an era of huge assets and extra profits, where the purchasing power of employees is under attack, the negotiation at Lamborghini raises some key points: working hours, increasing wages, protecting workers in worse conditions and increasingly working to combat gender-based violence. provision of vehicles”. Reduction in working hours, which other large companies after Lamborghini may also consider. Recently, Luxottica also announced the launch of a project that will involve 20 thousand employees and cover a short week from Monday to Thursday with the same salary.

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Source: Today IT