Ecopetrol has signed an agreement to decarbonize oil and gas

“With the signing of this agreement Ecogasoline reaffirms its commitment to reduce net CO2 emissions to zero 2050 and by 2030, reduce emissions by 25% in scope 1 and 2, eliminate routine gas flaring in flares and aim for zero net methane emissions by 2030,” the state-owned oil company said.

Methane emissions are responsible for about 30% of the global warming. In this sense, methane has been identified as one of the greenhouse gases that contribute most to climate change, with a global warming potential 28 times greater than that of CO2.

Reducing methane emissions is the fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve Ecopetrol’s goals, halt global warming in the short term and support the European Union’s goals. Paris Agreement and from Global methane pledge signed by about 150 countries, including Colombia, at the COP26 in Glasgow, to reduce the COP26 by 30% emissions by methane until 2030, compared to 2020.

Source: El heraldo