“Energy prices could rise to almost 70 percent.” Intense discussion in the Sejm

On Wednesday, the Sejm will consider the bill on freezing electricity prices. MP Krzysztof Gadowski spoke on behalf of the applicants’ MPs.

The first reading of the bill amending laws to support consumers of electricity, gas, heat and certain other matters took place on Wednesday, which initially also included provisions relating to wind farms. During the discussion, the few MPs present in the plenary hall listened to 10-minute statements on behalf of the clubs and 5-minute statements from the factions.

Krzysztof Gadowski from the Civic Platform spoke. In the first part of his statement, the MP assessed the PiS government negatively in the field of energy.

PiS has presented its draft bill on this. Gadowski asked on the Sejm stage why this had not been done before. – Why did you report him so late? This project wasn’t released until November 23? After all, you had prepared legal instruments, the parliamentarian said, adding that the government was constantly keeping the Poles in suspense.

– What have you done with the resources that go to the budget, CO2 revenues? What have you done with these billions, tens of billions of zlotys? Where are the KPO funds for network modernization and energy modernization? – he continued. – Your price freeze bill, which was only introduced in November 2023, has forced, or rather challenged, us to reject our proposal. To submit your own bill that will protect the Poles, because you did not think about it at all, that is why the parliamentary bill appeared – Gadowski said.

Gadowski: Freeze energy prices

– If this government were formed immediately after the elections, we would not have to prepare this bill as parliamentarians. But since experts, since, among others, the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office, chosen by you, say that electricity prices for ordinary Poles could rise to almost 70%, and you do not respond, we are introducing such a project. […] We submitted this bill to the Chairman of the Sejm to protect Poles from your energy policy, from the increases you financed because you failed to protect Poles for eight years, the politician said.

– Since the introduction of this bill, this subject has been extensively debated. It is good that it took place and that our project has been the subject of extensive consultation with the Poles. They had the opportunity to view this project, the MP said.

He added that according to the emerging coalition, energy prices should be frozen at this year’s levels. – We are talking about the fact that this freeze will be in force for six months. Why? Because our takeover suddenly showed that economic indicators started to rise after the elections. The energy price you freeze is practically dead for entrepreneurs, because today the market sets a lower price, said Gadowski, who asked for approval of the coalition project.

Source: Do Rzeczy