“Rywin in a skirt”. The MP strongly attacks the project of coalition MPs

The Sejm will consider the bill on freezing electricity prices on Wednesday. MP Waldemar Buda Pani ruled that Paulina Hennig-Kloska Rywin is in the skirt of this term.

The first reading of the bill amending laws to support consumers of electricity, gas, heat and certain other matters took place on Wednesday, which initially also included provisions relating to wind farms. During the discussion, the few MPs present in the plenary hall listened to 10-minute statements on behalf of the clubs and 5-minute statements from the factions.

Krzysztof Gadowski from the Civic Platform spoke. In the first part of his statement, the MP negatively assessed the PiS government in the energy sector, and then presented the purpose and assumptions of the proposal submitted by the MPs of the future government coalition being formed.

Buda: Fundamental design flaw

After Gadowski’s speech, Waldemar Buda appeared on stage and spoke on behalf of the Law and Justice club. The former Minister of Development and Technology noted, among other things: to the provisions of the previous version of the law on the liberalization of the construction of wind turbines in Poland.

– The exceptionally difficult role and situation of MP Gadowski. MP Hennig-Kloska became afraid, did not come forward and no longer supports this project. She made Mr. Gadowski stand up and he had to defend something that was indefensible. This is indefensible. Polish parliamentarism does not remember such a thing. A classic law about freezing electricity prices. A few weeks earlier, the PiS government presented solutions that had been in place all year. There was not the slightest doubt, they provided relief to millions of households, and then suddenly there is a scheme, a project that clumsily copies our solutions, but moreover there are rules that come from – we still don’t know. – said Buda.

Buda said the coalition MPs’ bill to freeze energy prices is fundamentally flawed because it ignores two million Polish entrepreneurs.

Hennig-Kloska. “Rywin in a Skirt”

– Mrs. Hennig-Kloska is Rywin in this term’s skirt. Rywin in a skirt. It is already clear that each of your laws must be looked at word by word, because there are lobbyists around you who want to pursue their interests, he continued.

According to the PiS MP, the Civic Platform acted as a “lobby agency” on this issue, and the wind farm bill is “nonsense about what books will be written.” – After 4 days of saying this is a perfect project, submit an amendment – ​​mind you – for 69 pages. It was such a perfect project that it required 69 pages of corrections – noted Waldemar Buda.

Source: Do Rzeczy